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Car Insurance

The most well recognised and highly requested insurance product is car insurance/motor insurance. Unlike many other insurance products, car insurance is a mandatory requirement. As such, many products from leading insurance companies are very similar.

The Padraic Smith difference is two-fold:
  1. We research the whole market for you

    As we are not tied to one particular insurance underwriter, we can research the very best policy for your needs and this includes companies that do not have an online presence. This saves you a great deal of time and can often provide bigger savings than you might think.

  2. We are not just a faceless telephone/web-based insurer

    The world of insurance can be complicated and in some cases the outcomes can be less than satisfactory. In the event of a claim this can mean losing your no-claims bonus when you don't have to. At Padraic Smith Insurance Brokers, you can call us, fax us, email us or even visit us in person to discuss your claim and we provide the help you need to ensure the claim is handled quickly and above all fairly. From the moment an incident happens we are here to help and guide you in making the right decisions. Service you simply won't get from the "supermarket" insurance companies and especially not from the comparison website services.
Whether you drive a standard car, sports car, classic car or vintage car, contact us to discuss your needs.

When researching for Car Insurance, think about:

  • Breakdown Assistance?
If you have not already purchased AA or RAC roadside assistance cover then this is a very useful add-on. This is useful for more than just breakdowns in that if you have an accident on a motorway and you cannot move your car, recovery can be quite costly. Breakdown assistance cover means that your car will be recovered free of charge.

  • Driving Other Cars

    Will you ever have a need to drive other cars? Remember that in most cases when driving another car you will only have third-party cover (even if the owner of the car has fully comprehensive cover). So this cover avoids the complication of having to switch insurance for the occasional and short trips you may need to take in another person's car.

  • No-Claims Bonus Protection

    Does your policy offer this cover? If so what type? For instance how many claims can you make in any given insurance period without your bonus being affected? If it is affected how many years are "stepped-back", 1, 2 or 3?

  • Excess

    What level of excess is imposed on your policy and does it suit your needs? You should choose or request an excess that provides a reasonable safety net without limiting your options in the event of a claim.

  • Car Hire Cover

    Does your policy cover you for the hire of a car in the event of a claim and for how many days? If your car needs two weeks to be repaired and your policy only allows 2 days then you will have to cover the difference yourself.
So contact Padraic Smith Insurance Brokers for all your insurance needs.

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