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Home Insurance

Padraic Smith Insurance Brokers has enjoyed many years of providing home insurance and household insurance to a broad range of customers across Ireland. This covers all forms of risks, from fire and theft to burst pipes, subsidence and even injury to guests/visitors. Our household insurance also covers your precious/valuable possessions, both inside and outside the home.

At Padraic Smith Insurance Brokers, we understand the intricacies of home insurance and what our customers want from their household insurance. For instance we can provide valuations for insurance purposes to ensure that you neither pay too much for your home insurance or end up with too little cover.

Home insurance policies typically cover against:
  • Theft
  • Fire Damage
  • Lightning Damage
  • Flood Damage
  • Subsidence
  • Burst Pipes
  • Other Damage
  • Injuries to Guests/Visitors
  • All Risks Cover (property outside the home)

When researching for Home Insurance, think about:
  • Main Home, Holiday Home Or Rental Property?
    Dependent on the use of your property, your cover and premiums can be adjusted accordingly. A holiday home for instance has a much lower likelihood of damage than a rental property and so your cover and premiums can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Are You Adequately Insured?
    Make sure you have the correct valuation for the rebuild value of your home. Having an up-to-date surveyor's valuation means that you will receive adequate cover without over paying.
  • Are Specified Items Covered?
    Will your high value items in the home be properly insured and will your other personal possessions be insured outside the home? If so are they covered only in Ireland or abroad?
  • What Risks Are You Covered For?
    Will the policy cover you for every possible eventuality; from burst pipes to subsidence and lost possessions on holiday?
  • Excess?
    What level of excess is imposed on your policy and does it suit your needs? You should choose or request an excess that provides a reasonable safety net without limiting your options in the event of a claim.
  • What Additional Covers Are Being Offered?
    There are many extras (some optional) that can be provided. Are you offered/do you need any of these:
    o Alternative Accommodation (While your property is repaired)
    o Replacement Locks (after a break-in)
    o Frozen Food (if your freezer breaks down or electricity supply is off for extended time)
    o Trace & Access (if you have burst pipe in your wall this service will find source of leak and repair it)
    o Wedding Presents
    o Fire Brigade Charges
    o Glass Breakage
  • Is Your Home Office/Business Covered?
    If you run a portion or all of your business from your home then make sure you discuss this with you insurer. Some have specialist cover for this while others do not provide cover at all. So compare cover and cost carefully in this event.

In short, whatever your home insurance needs, we can provide the best cover at the right price.

So contact Padraic Smith Insurance Brokers for all your insurance needs.

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