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Computer Equipment Insurance

Electronic Data is at the heart of virtually every business today. Whether it relates to the accounts data for your own business or you are a service company, creating data on behalf of clients every day, companies go to great lengths to protect their data through backup and archival policies.

However, few companies think about the impact on their business if a vital piece of computer/electronic equipment fails. Of course, your data is hopefully safe, but how long will it take to replace the faulty equipment and restore the data to the point prior to the failure and what effect will it have on your business?

Computer Equipment Insurance provides cover against the costs of temporarily renting replacement equipment, maintenance required to return the equipment to working order, data restoration costs and any increased costs of working caused by the failure.

Due to the many and varied types of equipment and the different specific uses by a given business, there are often many questions that insurance companies will have, which can be extremely time-consuming, but without which the premium and cover cannot be finalised.

As a broker, we are able to do the hard work for you, researching the best policies at the right premiums and more importantly, when you need help, our specialised team can provide the personal and attentive help required to get the answers you need or to finalise a claim.

So contact Padraic Smith Insurance Brokers for all your insurance needs.

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