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Get An Insurance Quote

If you would like to receive a quote for any form of insurance, you can either contact us by telephone or simply complete the below quote request form and we will contact you.

1. Name Of Insured:
2. School Address:
3. Correspondence Address:
(If differant from above)
4. Name Of Principle:
5. Age Group Of Children:
  Max number of children catered for at any one time:
6. Opening hours of school:
  Number of Employees / Helpers:
7. Have any accidents, losses, claims or incidents arisen, (including professional indemnity claims) whether insured or not, during the past five years?
8. Has any insurer declined a proposal, refused renewal, terminated cover or imposed special terms in respect of the risks proposed?
9. Have you ever suffered a flood loss or are your premises in a location that has been prone to flooding?
  If yes please give details:
10. Contents sum insured required:
10. Do you require cover on the school building as above:
  If yes, state building value:
12. Is Building of Standard Construction (constructed of brick, stone or concrete and roofed with slate, tiles , metal or asphalt)
13. Is the property described in good repair and will be so maintained?
14. Does your organisation adhere to the National Guidelines for the Protection of Children (Child First)?
15. Does your organisation have in place a code of conduct / ethics?
16. Does your organisation have procedures / guidelines for screening / monitoring / training and supervising all staff and voluntary workers?
17. Current Insurer
18. Current Premium
19. Date cover required from
20. Reference code (if any)
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